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"We chose Gigi to conduct our wedding, also be our photographer and arrange a musican for our ceremony.

This was the best decision, all the organisation was super smooth and stress free, her experience and lovely personality made our wedding like a dream.

Gigi and Mark shot magical photos of us in hidden places which you would think only exist in postcards.

They also helped to live feed the ceremony to our families staying home, and everyone said they were crying the whole time just as they would have in person."

Viktor Tabori


"Gigi was and is absolutely incredible! He beauty (both outside and inner), her spirit, he spunky personality, her adoration for Hawaiian culture and her ability to get things done (and done beautifully might I add) was astounding!!! She really knows what she's doing and I'm so happy she was our officiant!! We called so many people, left them voice mails and no one called us back! Gigi called us immediately! I feel like the heavens wanted us to have Gigi. You won't regret her as your officiant, and even though she wasn't our photographer, oh she helped us nail some poses for our favorite shots!!! My wedding day was absolutely stunning and I'm telling you, Gigi helped make it that way!! Love you Gigi! You rock at what you do! Thank you for everything!

Lauren D.


It was a beautiful Hawaiian sunny day in the late 80’s and as I walked down a palm tree lined street I looked up at the sky and a voice inside me clearly said “You are staying here.”  I didn’t need a whole lot of convincing to listen to that inner voice. Although I had a thriving music business back home in California, and had hundreds of music students at various schools, I knew I had to make the leap.  It felt like a “now or never” moment for me.  I missed my return flight home and have called Hawaii my home ever since.

 Nowadays stories like that are not uncommon, but this was pre-google and cel phone days.  I knew very little about Hawaii and even less about how I was going to support myself.  I didn’t need to worry though because within a few days, I had what would be a dream job for most young ladies my age… standing on Waikiki Beach in a bikini covered in exotic birds taking postcard photos of tourists.  I felt I had truly landed in paradise!

 I had no idea at the time that so many years later I would circle back around to my first job in Hawaii and make a life out of it.  But on a much grander scale! 

 I have always had the spirit of an artist.  Music was my initial canvas but it has been so exhilarating to expand to visual arts as well.  Photography is such a perfect fit for me and I am so very grateful for every moment and every photo I have taken along the way.

 One of the biggest perks is getting a front row seat to people’s happiest and most memorable moments.  And then preserving them forever with my own artistic style and eye…  what a thrill!!

 The officiating was a natural segue.  I have been a theater teacher, actor and director for many years, and being in the photography business just opened up the doors to yet another perfect fit!  Initially, I thought no one would want someone like me to marry them but I went ahead and got certified and licensed in the state of Hawaii and have performed hundreds of ceremonies to date. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to stand so close to two people so much in love and join them on the most special day of their relationship. 

 Hawaii is a total paradise for any wedding, elopement, vow renewal or family gathering.  I feel exceptionally blessed to live in the place I live and to do what I do.  And I absolutely LOVE sharing my passion and talents with my clients.  

 I do not heavily promote myself, or my business.  I don’t want A LOT of clients.  I want the RIGHT clients. I believe that the ones meant for me will always find me.  I never want my experiences to become watered down or feel forced to keep up with a huge advertising budget.  I want each client to feel like they are my only client. 

 If you want a very personal, unique experience with someone who will be just as excited about your special day as you are, and someone who has been here long enough to really know the island and it’s customs, cultures and even challenges, please reach out and let’s talk!  You will know in just a few minutes if we are a perfect match!

 Peace, love and lipgloss,

Gigi Lee

 Last minute?  No problem.  I got you covered!

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I also offer packages for both photography and officiating. I bring another photographer who shoots while I officiate and we both shoot the rest. Dealing with one person keeps things simple.

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