​​​​​Gigi comes from a very creative background and brings over 30 years of artistry to her craft. As a musical theater director, musician and theater teacher, Gigi loves the creativity and artistry involved in makeup, photography, photo editing and officiating.  She takes pride in her art and loves sharing it with people. Gigi has worked with thousands of youth over many years so she brings a youthful playfulness to her sessions which quickly puts her clients at ease.  Even the most nervous of clients express having a fun and relaxing experience.

Whether you are looking for entertainment, photography, make up, or a licensed wedding officiant, Gigi brings not only her expertise, but a real joy for her craft to every project she accepts.

Growing up in California, Gigi learned to speak Spanish as well as American Sign Language before moving to Hawaii where she has now lived for over 25 years. She learned to embrace the unique culture of aloha and found it to be her own version of heaven on earth. Her love for vibrant colors makes her a great match for the stunning beauty of Windward Oahu and the Big Island where she splits her time. When shooting she prefers using the natural light in the beauty found in her own backyard but also has a light studio that is perfect for professional industry shoots.  

As an entertainer, a perky "people person" and an experienced director she is a natural for photographing events or officiating weddings.  She can easily navigate large or small groups in an effective and professional manner.

Her geeky side also makes her a devoted photo editor.  She loves the combination of technology and art involved in taking her images to the artistic edge.  With her make up artistry background, she is excellent at creating a flawless, finished look when necessary.

A real, right brained, creative renaissance woman, Gigi is a unique package of art, skill and just the right amount of sparkle to bring the perfect blend of professional pizazz to any event.​